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We are a group of advocates who feel that we all have an innate purpose, mission, goal—whatever you want to call it--to make the world a better place. There is so much beauty and love in the world we live in, but there is also heartache and pain. As we set out on this journey we call life, we truly feel at the end of the day it is not about what we have accomplished or the money we have made. It is about how we have helped. It is about how we have lifted others up. It is about how we have helped others live with grace and dignity.

It is our dream at Grace Upon Grace Project to provide under-served  people in our community wipes, and period products to live and grow with grace and dignity while addressing the roots of social inequities.



Emily's roots will always be in Michigan, but she loves being able to call Colorado home. She has been married to her hunk of a husband for five years and they have three of the most amazing children.  


She believes in showing up for each other. Showing up to share the real, ordinary, and extraordinary parts of life. She thinks the three most beautiful traits a human can possess are grace, rawness and vulnerability. When people possess those traits and if they are willing to do the hard work of leaning in, feeling uncomfortable and owning their stories, they can find their true purpose. 


When Emily started doing the hard work, she came to the realization that her purpose was to serves others, while giving grace. When people are fully granting grace to others, they are loving them without judgment and accepting them for who they are at that exact moment in time. When people do those two things, they are able to truly show up for each other. It might be hard. It might take courage, but it is the most important thing people can do for each other. 


Heather is a Colorado native. She is an amazing mom to 2 teenage daughters and encourages them to find their truth and follow their own path! She is a believer in vulnerability, human connection and the power of grace and self love! 


Have you ever met somebody who has given themselves permission to live big? Trust me, if you have you would know. Heather is one of those people. She has given herself permission to live big, dream big, love big, feel big, and hope big. 

Heather’s soul is fierce, her truth is powerful , and her light is bright! 


Zed moved from the Denver area to Northern Colorado in 2011 and is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and advocate. 

Zed is the owner of Backyard Tap in Loveland, a community gathering place that helps other small businesses connect with the communities in which they serve and allows local community members to gather with friends. 

Zed is committed to breaking down barriers faced by underserved individuals within our community and ensuring that all members of our community have access to basic necessities


Zed's kindness and determination are not just going to create change within our communities, its going to inspire members of our community to rise! 


Jessica is a Wyoming native who has lived in Windsor for over a decade. She shares this life with her partner James and their four daughters.

Jessica is the owner of Brass Tree Spa where she offers holistic modalities to her clients. Jessica believes in compassionately holding space for each individual with a heart centered approach. 

Jessica values the importance of human connection, in fact she thinks this is where the ‘magic’ lies. Making authentic connections individually and at the community level fosters change. 


Neil was born in Denver but moved to Loveland shortly after.  He is married to Emily and gets to enjoy life as a family with their 3 beautiful children. 
Neil lived in Denver after graduating college and moved back to northern Colorado after getting married to his beautiful bride. He knew that his heart was in northern Colorado, so he followed it home. 

He takes pride in being active in the community that he grew up in and now calls home once again.  Supporting local businesses and nonprofits are what he believes makes this community so amazing. 
Neil is a firm believer in being thankful for the opportunities you are given in life and using those to make the world a better place. 

All photos by the talented Jill Skoglund Photography! Check out her work


All jewelry by the creative Lux and Luca. Check out her work!

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