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Distribution Days 

At Grace Upon Grace Project, we believe in the true importance of human connection.

We believe in connecting directly with our clients. We know the importance of their stories. We know the impact of a hug. We understand how powerful letting our clients know that we see them and we are here for them can be. These connections happen through our Distribution Days. Distribution Days take place one a month and allow us directly distribute diaper, wipes, and customized period kits to our clients. 



NOCO Schools Program

We are working towards equitable access to period products for menstruating students.

Through our school programs we are working to provide period products to elementary through high school students in Northern Colorado through our pilot programs which will lead to schools ensuring all students have access to period products. 

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Community Resources

For the most up-to-date resource guide click below

Resource Guide

Need help finding a resource?
Call 2-1-1 and talk with someone who can connect you.
2-1-1 provides a direct link to non-emergency help for health and human services.

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