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We are working towards ensuring menstruating students have  access to period products during the school day.

Through our school programs we are working to provide period products to elementary through high school students in Northern Colorado. 

With inclusivity, equity and access as our pillars, we want to be sure that ALL students have the opportunity to be included in our NOCO Schools Program.

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Dream big they said!  So we did!

In addition to providing period products to health aides across northern Colorado, we will also be launching our pilot program in the fall of 2022. Through this program, we will be working the TOP, The Organic Project, and a northern Colorado School District to place period products in to school bathrooms. From this program, we hope to learn more about how we can support other school districts implement programs that provide free period products for menstruating students. 



We are also creating first period kits. This is the start of a new journey for us, but we felt called to just start! These kits contain 6 pads and 6 liners. The hope is to help take the stress out of one's first period and to remove the stigma around periods for young menstruators. These will be available on a limited basis due to limited inventory. Our First Period Kit Bags are only available for Elementary/K-8 Schools. 

If you are interested in learning more please send us an email and you can view our Just the Facts flyer below. 

Just the Facts Flyer


These are just a few steps of many in our mission to ensure that all students have access to period products. We are here to end the stigma in the school setting and to empower students. It’s the first step of many and we are honored to be a part of it.

Together we are creating change. Together we are ending the stigma. Together we are ensuring that students can remain focused on learning.

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