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Join us for the afternoon on May 28th, as we partner with Backyard Tap to raise awareness around period poverty. 

There will be live music, food trucks, awesome beer, and even better people working together to create change. 

We will be collecting donations of period products--donate one or more unopened packages of period products.

This year will be a bit different than our past event. We decided to go BIG this year!


We have three major goals for this event. 


1. RAISE AWARENESS and to get people talking about a very important issue. 

2. Build 1,000 emergency period kits that will be distributed to our partner agencies. 

3. Build 1,000 1st Period Kits for first time menstruators​



You can get involved prior to the day of the event! In order to make this event a success we asking community members to sponsor kits. 


1st Period Kit Sponsorship

 $10.00 = 5 1st Period Kits

$20.00 = 10 1st Period Kits

$50 = 25 1st Period Kits

$100.00 = 50 1st Period Kits

Emergency Period Kit Sponsorship

$10.00 = 2 Emergency Period Kits

$20.00 = 4 Emergency Period Kits

$50.00= 10 Emergency Period Kits

$100.00 = 20 Emergency Period Kits

Interested in sponsoring?

Please specify either 1st period kit or emergency kit when possible if you have a preference. 

Venmo: @GUGProject



Period Poverty Awareness Event 2021